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Henny Farms focus is on the basics of clean sustainable soil. That leads to the basics in quality diversified forages. Add in some quality animal husbandry and we create some amazing fresh eggs and very high quality USDA Certified fresh cuts of lamb, lamb sausage and lamb pepperoni. 

Our farm is located in the Salem, OR along the Willamette River were our irrigated pastures provide a lush expansive habitat for our animals as well as a host of wildlife.  

We pride ourselves in providing a high energy balanced diet for our livestock that starts with; Oregon’s amazing grasses, blends in hay from our own grass fields, alfalfa from eastern Oregon and is topped off with high quality whole grains that ends in nature’s bounty.  

Feeding your family sustainably can be difficult.  Let us help you in the protein area.  

Eggs: Hens raised in with quality indoor and outdoor space.  Good maintained and rotated grass paddocks. Supplemented with No Soy, Non-GMO scratch. Vaccinated - NEVER fed antibiotics!

Lamb: Pasture raised. Winter hay cut from those same clean pastures. Homeopathic health treatments first, antibiotics only when needed. Free roaming animals that also have proper nutrition and shelter don't often get sick! 
About Henny Farms